Divine Connections and Your Success?

By Rachale Kelley

Divine connections
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I am amazed at what has happened due to divine connections! As I look back over my life and the dreams that I have had, I am amazed at what God has done so far due to a divine connection

I had a dream that was bigger than me, so big that it scared me! One day I decided to venture out into the network marketing industry to obtain the finances I needed in order to fulfill that dream. I chose network marketing because I did not want government grants dictating to me what I could or could not say about God and how he delivered me from 6 years of depression. I wanted to give honor to where honor was due and that was to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I found myself failing many times, but each time I failed I decided to get back up and try again. Back in October 2013 I was ready to give it all up and go back to hiding in a corner with my 3 children. Even though I knew the Lord wanted to use me I was not quite sure how. To be honest I started to believe it would never happen.

My Pastor-  Truly A Divine Connection

Prior to 2013 I had an opportunity to meet a great man of God (my pastor). One who I grew to admire as a mentor in a very short period of time. This connection was truly a divine connection. After knowing him for 2 months he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The news devastated me, I had finally found a mentor who believed in me. Regardless of what the doctors said I prayed and believed God until the end that he was going to live! But God had another plan. During this time I chose to serve him and his wife whole- heartedly giving up everything, including my online business and time with my family (with my husband permission).

One of the things he said to me was “Sis he who helps a prophet gets a prophet’s reward”! I did not understand what he meant at the time, until two years after he passed. I always asked God what did he mean because I continued to struggle financially?

My Business Partners- More Divine Connections

In October 2013 God made it clear to me through another divine connection my dear friend Keysha Bass exactly what he meant. My entire life began to turn around, no longer was I borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. No longer did I have to question God in what my Pastor was saying. God placed me in places that I could have never imagined being on my own. I was the administrator of my church, Coaching many clients, speaking on stage to the masses, hosting prayer and motivational calls, having the opportunity to do what I desired to do and that was to speak into the lives of those who were broken in body, mind, spirit and finances. Recently my family was blessed with a beautiful new home that is mold free! That is another story!

A Bible Stories of Divine Connections

One of the secrets to Success is divine connections! When we look in Gods word we read the story of Ruth and Naomi. Naomi lost her husband and two sons. She bid her 2 daughter in laws to go there separate way, but Ruth Ruth refused and decided to stay regardless of Naomi’s poverty-stricken status! Ruth recognized her divine connection with Naomi. She told Naomi wherever you go I will go, and wherever you lodge, I lodge and your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God, where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried, (Ruth 1:16-17)

Because of Ruth’s divine connection with Naomi she was blessed to meet her Boaz. Because she was faithful and served Naomi, Boaz saw that and as a result married Ruth . God blessed her with a Boaz.

There are many stories in the Bible and in the world of divine connections that have changed the course of many lives! I compel you to not take divine connections for granted! Regardless of the title or capacity, God has you serving in, be sure to serve with your whole heart! You may not see the blessing right away, but I promise you it will come right on time. If you be faithful with the little things God will make you ruler over many! If God has you under a ministry, serve your pastor with everything you have to give! You may not like everything he says or does, but as long as he is not asking you to do things that are against Gods word, do it and you will reap the reward!

Why Can’t You Find Your Divine Connection?

Now you may ask Rachale how do I meet my divine connections. I can’t tell you when you will meet them, but I can tell you won’t meet them if you are not reaching out and making connections! Make sure you are connecting with people. After you connect with them, take some time to get to know them. If they are negative run the other way, it may mean losing all of your fiends to make new ones!

Study’s shows that you are like the 5 people you hang around the most! If they are broke you will be broke. If they are negative you will be negative, if they are going nowhere in life neither will you! You should not be the smartest person in your circle!

If you don’t have these type of connections it is time to reach out and make them. In order to have a friends, you must first show yourself friendly, by reaching out to others that have the same purpose, goals, vision as you do. We can accomplish so much more when we work together! Together we stand divided we fall.

Many people who are afraid to reach out and make new connections remain broken in all areas of life. Only those who are willing to take risk (2-3% of the population) actually see the success they desire in life. Keep in mind my friend God has not given us the spirit of fear. Walk in the power an authority that He has given you!

How to Find Your Divine Connection?

God has a purpose for your life and more than likely it lined up with a divine connection! I challenge you to reach out to 2 new people every day. Get to know them find out about their family, career, what they love to do in their spare time, ministry, etc. See how you can help serve them!
You never know how you will bless them and in return, God will bless you!

If you are needing help with connecting with people I highly recommend reading the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and also I have a Facebook script if you are not quite sure what to say! Just message me on Facebook and I will get that to you!

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About the Author

Rachale Kelley teaches moms who desire to be home & present with their children, how to face her fears & develop skills and strategies that will help her quit her job, conquer overwhelm, believe in herself and find her voice so that she can experience true freedom in her life.

She has been married for 25 years. Has 3 children, the youngest diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

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