Tired Of Asking What Was I Born To Do?

By Rachale Kelley

born to do
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Do you find yourself asking “What was I born to do?”

What am I born to do is a question that many people ask themselves over and over again! Don’t feel bad you are not alone!!! Some people go to their graves not fulfilling their ultimate life purpose still asking that question! Today I am going to help you find the answer to your question! I believe each one of us has a calling on our life and it can be to raise happy, healthy, God-fearing children, that will raise happy, healthy, God-fearing grandchildren.

It is your job to answer the question what am I born to do. To look deep within and discover what you are passionate about. Then go after it with everything within you! Don’t rest until you find the answer to your question, that is unless you want to get to the end of your life living with regrets?

This past week I found myself asking similar questions. “Am I doing what I was called to do?” “Am I really making a difference in the world I live? “Are lives around me being changed?” “On a small scale,” I answered! This question has been heavy on my heart and in my spirit especially with the new year coming in and the recent death in my family.

I realize I am getting older and that I need to be about my Heavenly Father’s business more than ever before! My living must be on purpose because I don’t know when God will call me home. But it is my desire for when He does to hear Him say “Job well done my good and faithful servant.”

God knows his plans for each one of us and has the answer to what am I born to do?

What am I born to do
If you don’t, believe me read Jeremiah 29:11. “ For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” He has a future for each one of us, it is our job to seek Him for that plan and the steps to fulfill His purpose for our lives! You may be saying “Rachale I don’t know what that plan is?”

I will share with you what helped me realize what I was born to do. One day I heard a sermon that was about if God put it on your heart to do, then you were called to do it! At the time, the thing He put on my heart was too big to do in my mind. But, after listening to the sermon, I came to realize not only did God put it there, but he was able to perform what He put there. The only thing I had to do was believe and He would do the rest!

The main reasons most people don’t fulfill their calling are:

#1 They are afraid, fear keeps many of us from doing what we are to do.

#2 They won’t surrender their will to God’s will for their life.

#3 They have the spirit of disobedience and will not do it regardless of what God has put on their heart, in most cases they lack faith.

#4 They lack self-discipline.

There may be more, but I have found these five to be stumbling blocks for many people including myself in the past.

As time has gone by He has placed many people in my life to help me become the person He called me to be and helped me get clear on exactly what am I born to do. This is the season that I am excited about the new journey!!!

Today my goal is to help you answer “What Am I Born To Do?”

What am I born to do. change the worldI believe we all were born to change the lives of others regardless of what we are doing. I also believe our experiences are not there just for us to have, but to be a blessing to someone else in some way, form or fashion! I believe if God wants you to do something He gives you the desire to do it and will show you how to do it if you move out of the way! Also, He will place people, situations and education in your life to teach and show you the way.

Nehemiah Chapter 2 shows us where God had placed on his heart to help rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. When he was ready to take action he asked for permission from the king and it was granted unto him, along with giving him everything he needed to go! Keep in mind Nehemiah surveyed the land which means there was a need that he saw!  What need do you see in the world today that God has placed on your heart to fulfill?

Has God put something on your heart to do,  but you find one excuse after the other as to why you can’t do it? One of the ones I hear often is I am waiting on God. Many time I have said “God is waiting on you, He has already put it in your heart it’s your turn to take the next step!’ “Faith without works is dead”

Discover The Steps to Needed To Answer “What Am I Born To Do?”

The first step to understanding our calling is to brainstorm what you care about most? More than likely it’s something you have been through! Do you have a passion for those who are hungry, homeless, orphans, teenagers, children from divorced homes, single mothers, marriages, the poor or unhealthy? Your calling is more than likely something close to what you care about most! The thing that makes your heart heavy when you hear or see it happening!

The biggest hurdle you will have is when you have gone through quite a bit in life, you will care about many things and want to leave a blueprint everywhere, which will cause you to become overwhelmed! The key is to pick one thing at a time and focus on it for the next 90 days.

If you don’t really care about other people in your line of work and want to change their lives then you are in the wrong business. It’s when you start focusing on helping other people and changing their life that you will be blessed beyond measure whether it be physical, spiritual, mental or financial! Whatever it is, it should break your heart seeing people struggle with that thing and you should care to the point you don’t want them to struggle in that area anymore.

When Should I Get Started?

It’s important that you do not wait until the perfect moment. Truthfully there is no perfect moment! Take what you have, your skills, talents, resources and treasures and start sharing them now. You can share them in your home, locally or if you are not able to get out you can share via blogging, videos, conference calls, etc. There really is no excuse for you not doing what you were called to do, even if you are sick.  I remember my pastor, who was diagnosed with cancer and given 2 months to live, in the hospital encouraging and praying for people.

Today I want you to make a decision with me that you are going to give back everything that was given to you, by being a blessing to others not thinking about a monetary gain! Always remember you reap what you sow. We are all called to change lives… To leave a blueprint on this earth even if it is in a small way or you don’t know the specifics! Regardless if it’s one person or many!

It is so important that you know what you are passionate about, because on those days when your heart is heavy and it seems like you can’t go on your passion will drive you to get up and keep moving forward. There is something inside of you that needs to come out!

Regardless of what you go through, your skills or experiences in life will allow you to create free training via conference calls, teleseminars, videos, blog post or writing a book with the content,  then sell the training on a membership site.

I am excited to learn what were you born to do, please leave a comment below and let me know!

You are awesome!!!


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Rachale Kelley teaches moms who desire to be home & present with their children, how to face her fears & develop skills and strategies that will help her quit her job, conquer overwhelm, believe in herself and find her voice so that she can experience true freedom in her life. She has been married for 25 years. Has 3 children, the youngest diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

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