How to Save $550.00 a Month on Groceries

By Rachale Kelley

The other day I ran into a friend who showed me ways she saved 550.00 a month on groceries. We had not seen each other in a while, therefore we updated one another on how the children were doing and proceeded to talk about the sales that were available in the store. She then shared with me how she took a $750.00 a month grocery bill and lowered it to $200.00 a month. As a result I am going to share with you. Hopefully it will help in the mist of our struggling economy.

1) The first thing she does is visit and sign up to find out the upcoming deals and sales available in our area.

2) Also, she goes to our local dollar store and purchases 4-10 newspapers every week on Sunday; depending on the coupons in the paper.

3) She mentioned sometimes dumpster diving, your chances might be better if you dive into a recycle bin, depending on where you live.

4) My husband use to deliver papers and sometimes he would have extra papers. You might want to get to know your paper guy or contact your local station to see if they are willing to give you some extra inserts ads.

5) Also you can find coupons in the free paper that are delivered to your house on the same day as the Sunday paper.

6) Here is one that I used this week; I did not have a coupon for an item I wanted, therefore I Google it and printed it out.

7) She cuts out every coupon in the ads. To save time, she puts the same ads together and will cut them all at once.

8 ) Now it’s time to make her grocery list. Her list is determined by her coupons. If there is not a store with that item on sale, the coupon goes back in the file folder until the item goes on sale.

9) She also, looks at the the stores flier to determine if they are running any specials Ex: buy 20.00 in a particular item and get $5.00 toward your next order, plus she uses her coupons for that item, if she has it.

10) She shops at Giant Eagle and they give her fuel points .20 off every $50.00 spent in the store. She says once a month she gets a free tanks of gas.

11) If there is another grocery store near Giant Eagle that store will match their competitors offer in most cases, therefore be sure to inquire about their coupon rules.

12) She primarily shops at Giant Eagle or Krogers. Giant Eagle will double their coupons up to $1. You can use up to 4 coupons at one time, rules vary according to location.

13) I forgot to mention one last thing she did to lower her grocery bill. I don’t recommend this one, but it was part of her equation. She got rid of her husband.

I have attempted to share everything with you, she has shared with me. I would love to hear about your coupon ideas. Please leave a comment on this article.

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I love tip #13. Although I will keep my husband. Thanks!!

Lesley Huff

Thanks for posting…we only have very limited choice here in Glasgow. Ky. Every time I have tried coupons with walmart there always seem to be a problem and most times the store brand works out to be cheaper than the name brand with a coupon…but keep the posts coming. They are appreciated.

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