13 Time Saving Tips For Work at Home Moms

By Rachale Kelley

time management tips
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Mastering time management is the key to success for work at home moms. It is a skill that every work from home mom needs in order to build a successful business at home.  Most moms believe that mastering  time  management is their problem, but I have discovered that is not the case. The real problem is not time-management, but self-management. Being able to manage oneself is crucial to one’s success.

The real problem is not time-management, but self-management. Being able to manage oneself is crucial to one’s success.

Mastering time management is a serious self-management problem for work at home moms. Have you ever had someone say “How do you do it?!”  They are referring to you keeping up with your business as well as your family life. This is a very popular question asked among moms who work from home.

We want our home business to be a success, but we don’t want the rest of our responsibilities to fall apart. Especially our children, the main reason we chose to work from home in the first place.

While you may be familiar with some of the things I am going to mention, I hope you find some additional ideas from the mastering time management ideas below. These tips are going make things easier for you while working from home and caring for young children.

Mastering Time Management Tips

These 13 self-management tips are going to help you succeed in your home business.

1) Have a clear purpose when you go to your computer-Whenever you go to your computer, have a purpose in mind. Keep a notebook with  your goals and a to-do list near your computer all in once place. This will keep you from constantly checking your emails or surfing the internet. The end results are having less distractions and getting more done.

2) Know what you need to accomplish- write it down, do it, cross it off your list and move on to the next activity.

3) Outsource as much as possible– Think about hiring a virtual assistant if you have too many administrative tasks. Or pay your kids to do things for you that are age appropriate. This can even be a tax deductible expense, be sure to check with your accountant.

One of the best things you can do is to spend some money and hire a mommy helper to take the kids outside and play for several hours. You will be amazed at what you will accomplish within that time period. Plus, I did not mention that kids usually get worn out from all the fun and take longer naps. This way everybody wins!

 4) Be sure to evaluate your activities- Think about everything that you do in your business and see if those activities are paying off for you. Many moms are doing too many activities. Therefore they are stretched and not able to develop the muscle they need in order for their business to grow.  I suggest that you focus on one business. Ask people who are where you want to be in your business, how do they manage themselves and their time.

 5) Organize your Thought-Think in terms of an assembly line. In other words, group similar activities together. Don’t check your email all day, from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. Have a set time where you check it two or 3 times a day (at most) and answer all the emails at the same time.

When you desire to make changes to your website, list all of the changes  and them all at one time.  When one child asks for a story read a story to all of them. Same thing applies to all areas of taking care of your children. Run all your errands at the same time.

6)Utilize Technology- a) Get a laptop with a wireless internet connection. This can make a big difference in your ability to work online around your children. You can sit on the front porch and work on your website while your kids play in the yard. Or you can drop them off at a friend’s house and head to Starbucks and grab a cup of coffee to work.

b) Get a smart phone, often times it will not be convenient to use your laptop to work.  Smartphones are like mini-computers, you can do just about everything on them. The only feature I have not figured out is how to copy paste.

C) Use autoresponders, mailing lists and other resources to automate your business.

7) Eliminate repeated activities- If you find yourself typing out answers to the same questions over and over again, create a video and add it to your website, an e-course, a downloadable report or upload a youtube video that addresses those topics and refer your clients to them.

8 ) Manage your household-simplifying your meal preparations and shopping. This does not mean spend more money on convenience junk foods that are destroying the health of you and your children. Come up with some simple meals that your children can help you with.

a) Become best friends with your crock pot, find recipes that require few ingredients and no elaborate preparation.

b) Have a good routine for making menus and shopping. In the long run, extra trips to the store for that missing ingredient is going to cost you time and money.

c)Most families eat the same dishes over and over again.  Enlist the help of your family to figure out what those favorites meals are, print up the ingredients into a shopping list, and take that to the store. Have the list posted on the fridge to mark things off as they’re used up.

d) Get your kids to help out around the house- give them chores at an early age. Not only will you be mastering time management, but you will be teaching them responsibilities.

9) Identify time wasters-Identify time wasters in your day they are different for everyone. It might be television, maybe it’s to much time on the phone with friends. Maybe it’s unnecessary activities that aren’t productive. For example, posting a lot of messages on Facebook, unless you have a tool that does it for . Whatever it is, identify it and eliminate it if possible, or at least manage it. Utilize your voicemail, and call people back when it’s convenient for you.

10) Use a timer for everything- Become best friends with your timer. A timer can be used for just about everything. You can set it to instruct your child of the times you are available for them. Young children have a hard time comprehending time. The timer will set them at ease so they won’t disturb you that entire period. It also keeps you on track and helps you finish up tasks more quickly. Use it when you’re reading email, cleaning house, whenever you want to accomplish something fast.

 11) Develop A Daily Routine- Having a routine for your household chores and business activities can really help moms with mastering time management. When you have a good routine, you can do things without thinking, and they always take up less time that way.  Keep your routines written down until you have them memorized.

Use an organizational calendar or digital system…whichever works best for you.  Make everyone in your house aware of the basics of your routine so that things will flow.

12) Set limits for yourself- No one person can do everything. Your time and energy are valuable and you need to be firm in setting limits on how you spend it. Don’t commit to things that you can’t reasonably accomplish.

13) Get enough rest- Learn to say No. Avoid negative people who like to whine, pat yourself on the back often when you accomplish baby steps and don’t forget to take a 5-minute break and relax, before working on a difficult task.

As Moms we’re constantly working on mastering time management, but with creativity and good routines, we can have a thriving business and a balanced life.

What time management strategies work for you?


About the Author

Rachale Kelley teaches moms who desire to be home & present with their children, how to face her fears & develop skills and strategies that will help her quit her job, conquer overwhelm, believe in herself and find her voice so that she can experience true freedom in her life.

She has been married for 25 years. Has 3 children, the youngest diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

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