How To Get A Bat Out Of Your House

By Rachale Kelley

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Bat in the house part 1How to Get A Bat Out Of Your House If You Are Scared.

Help a bat has held us captive! It all started out Wednesday night at 11pm, I heard my youngest son wit DS scream “stop leave me alone” I could tell there was fear in his voice. I was in my office working on a project, but immediately stopped what I was doing and raced to see what was wrong with him. I could not get there fast enough. I charged up the stairs and at the same time I heard my husband race to his rescue.

I realized that my husband made it to him. And as I was approaching his room,  I was stopped in my tacks, by a bat who was approaching me head on. I screamed “Oh my God it’s a bat!” I rolled over into the bathroom and the next thing that I heard was my daughter running down the hall to her oldest brother’s room. Then I heard her slam the door!

All I could think of was, how to get a bat out of your house?

I had heard so many horror stories of bats carrying Rabies, that I had become immobilized and went into a state of shock.

As I was sitting there thinking about “how are you going to get a bat out of your house, I began communicating to my husband through the walls, all of a sudden he says “I think it is on the back of the door.” He grabs baby boy and charges into my oldest son’s room. The entire family is together except me. I am yelling through the door trying to tell them what to do, but it is very difficult.  If you are a woman that lives with men, you will understand what I am talking about lol It was very difficult trying to give them directions on how to get a bat out of your house.

I searched for my phone, but could not find it. That is not like me. Typically I will have my phone on me, but this time I thought, I did not. Later on that day I come to find out that I did… smh.

As I am sitting there on the bathroom flooring trying to come up with a plan the house alarm goes off, boy did that bring up my stress level. How was I going to call the alarm company and tell them it was a false alarm without me yelling through the doors trying to tell the guys what to do.

I sat there on the bathroom floor, looking around to see what I could use to escape from the captivity of the bat. I kept saying to myself, I will never make it through this if I stay in this bathroom. I looked around to see what could use to hit the bat if it came after me, because staying there was not an option.

I saw a wet towel, grabbed it and thought to myself I will hit it and throw the towel over it if it comes after me.

I looked out the bathroom door and it was clear. I did not see it flying around, therefore I took a chance and ran into my sons room.

It was a great sigh of relief that we were all together, but my thought where how to get a bat out of your house, without it attacking us and giving us rabies?

Hubby and I both had always heard, you don’t want to be bitten by a bat, because it will give you rabies! Therefore we both had become captives of a bat, because every time we went to open the door, the bat would be flying in front of the door.

We were clueless as what to do. I decided to ask my friends on facebook how to get a bat out of your house? My friends gave me some wonderful suggestions. I am so thankful for my facebook friends. Did I mention that, I love them, they hold a very special place in my heart!

They had some good ideas, but everything they told us to do, we did not feel as if we could do. The only thing we had was the towel, that I brought in with me from the bathroom. All I could think of was, how will I get the bat out of my house if it does not die after I hit it.

I tried calling critter control places in Toledo, but no one was available. One place I called a woman answered the phone and said that is my son’s business, but he is deceased. I gave her my condolences and begin to wonder did he pass away because of being bit by a bat. Wow I understand why the bible tells us to guard our thoughts. I had to replace those thoughts immediately! Because I thought hmm if that bat bites me I might be leaving her too.

Meanwhile the alarm is still going off and we are clueless as what to do. No one could come and rescue us without busting out some window. And that was the last thing that we wanted.

We came to the conclusion that we would be spending the night in my son’s room and would not leave out until the morning.

Well there was a problem and that was we did not have access to a restroom. Just about everyone in my house had to use the restroom. Me always trying to make the best out of  a bad situation says “why don’t you go to the bathroom it’s across the hall” They respond with you must be losing your mind lol” Since we are part-time campers, it was not difficult for us to make an adjustment. Not a story that I am proud to share, but it is the real world.

Finally after falling asleep and waking up, I layed on my son’s bed praying and asking God to give me courage to fight the bat. I realize if I did not do something soon then I would have to spend another night with the bat. I jumped up and said I am going out here! We grabbed our towels and charged out the door , but the bat was no were to be found. I charged down the stairs and opened the front door as hubby had my back lol.

After the bat never came out, I realized he was sound asleep and that I would have to spend another night with unwanted guest!

Check my next post for part 2 of the story!

My thoughts where, I need to learn how to get a bat out of your house.


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Rachale Kelley teaches moms who desire to be home & present with their children, how to face her fears & develop skills and strategies that will help her quit her job, conquer overwhelm, believe in herself and find her voice so that she can experience true freedom in her life.

She has been married for 25 years. Has 3 children, the youngest diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

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