A Handy DropShipping Resource Guide

By Rachale Kelley

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Are you ready to start your own drop shipping business or scale it to the next level and eliminate the stress?  

Selling products directly through a wholesaler without ever having to worry about delivery or if a retailer will cancel the order you placed.  Buying from a wholesaler is definitely the ideal way to go, including packaging or any other concern that bogs down a lot of physical product businesses?

This drop shipping resource guide will provide you with some invaluable resources that will give you the upper hand and save you countless hours when it comes to supplying your customers with what they want. Read through it once, then keep it to one side so that you can refer back to it while you’re working…

Drop Shipping Directories- What I’m about to share with you here is worth a fortune. These drop shipping directories will help you to save countless hours by providing you a huge list of drop shippers that you can work with. These companies are familiar with dealing with small business owners like you and are actively looking for more partners. The directories will make it incredibly easy to search for them by the product type, to view their items and to get in touch.

Doba-  is a drop shipping resource that provides up to 1.6 million name-brand products that you can sell through eBay or Amazon, your own site or Facebook. It also features weekly deals, a handy market research tool, support via phone and a custom data export. In short, it’s a very useful resource but it will set you back $29.95 per month or more. Of course, you can use it to find your drop shippers then unsubscribe!

SaleHoo is another online wholesale directory that we have used. They provide a community for online traders, resellers and e-commerce users. You can access drop shippers here, as well as wholesalers and liquidators. It has 8,000 verified suppliers and 1.6 million products. Cost is $67 per year. Salehoo is #1 on our list.

Makers Row- At a comparable price to the others on this list, Makers’ Row is really aimed more at product designers than a drop shipping businesses. This is where you’ll come if you want to find a business that can help you to create your product and turn a CAD file into a tangible item. However, the huge number of contacts will allow you to find manufacturers that offer other services, too.

Alibaba- is a very well-known directory of drop shippers as well as manufacturers and sellers. This is a great place to find contacts when you’re selling any kind of physical product and the best part is that it’s completely free!

Unfortunately, Alibaba is also a little on the fiddly side in terms of its design and can involve a lot of running around to find what you’re  looking for. But as a free resource and one with a particularly large number of items, it’s hard to beat!

Worldwide Brands- is another one of the drop shipping directories we are familiar with. This one provides over 10 million wholesale products, supplied by over 8,000 drop shippers and wholesalers. It also has various resources like videos and e-books for online retailers. It costs $249 but that will give you permanent, lifetime access.

Dropshippers.com- offers over 3.5 million products across 400 categories and 500 suppliers. It will allow you to sell on eBay, Amazon, Facebook or your own site and also comes with educational resources. The downside is that it costs a little more than Worldwide Brands, which isn’t great when you consider that it offers fewer products and wholesalers!

Dropship Design- Like the others on this list, Dropship design provides over 1 million drop ship products for selling around the web. These include clothing, toys, electronics, beauty products and health supplements. The basic plan provides access to various products and services and will set you back $49.99. There are also e-commerce plans and website plans.

Shopster- allows you to find dropship products to sell as well as helping you to get in touch with various merchants and suppliers. Once again it comes with various different features including and inventory and ordering system and eBay listing tool.

You get access to up to 1.5 million products and the best bit is that a standard membership is free. This allows you to list up to 15 products and you’ll only pay more ($69.95) if you need to sell more than that.

Dropship.com-  It’s nice to see sites like this with ‘dropshpiping’ referred to in the title some way, as it tells you that’s what the company is all about. This site makes it easy to work with suppliers and add their products to your website but to find out the price, you’ll need to contact them.

The Wholesaler.co.uk- For those of you based in the UK, this is a great option to start out with. It’s a little rough around the edges though and doesn’t have the biggest selection of items.

80% of your stress from building a legacy for your children can be relieved by having access to the right tools and proper planning. Sorry, the other 20% requires being consistent and focused. I can’t help you with the 20% at this very moment, but I know a thing or two about managing stress while pursuing your dreams. Want me to prove it? Pick up my stress-free report and I will show you what’s possible. 

Ecommerce Platforms- Your e-commerce platform is what you’ll use to build the ‘store’ element of your website. This should make it easy for you to list multiple items, to update their pricing and to alter themes etc.

Good options include:

Shopify-  A hosted solution, meaning that you build the site on their servers and then link to it from your own site. Simple and easy to set up with a lot of support.

Magento- A highly scalable solution that is self-hosted. Magento has a ton of features but is also somewhat slow and difficult to get started with for beginners. Best if you want to make a massive store to rival the likes of Amazon.

Volusion-   is a great choice if you’re an internet marketer at heart. It’s a hosted solution like Shopify but has some handy features, like the ability to combine the store with a built-in mailing list and contact management.

Woo Commerce will be the best option for most people reading this. That’s because Woo Commerce is a plugin for WordPress. This means you can install it on your site with a single click and then manage it just like you would normally manage your regular blog.

Clickfunnels- recently made it to our business. Here you can set up physical product sales funnels including OTO’S. To learn more about click funnels go here

80% of the stress that comes from leaving a legacy for your children can be relieved by having the right information and managing your life. Sorry, the other 20% requires being consistent and focused. Unfortunately, I have not written an article on the 20% yet. But I know a thing or two about managing stress and have written about it. Want me to prove it? Pick up my free stress-free report and I will show you what’s possible.


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