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Rachale Kelley is a life and online business coach who believes every parent should have a way to escape their 9-5 so that they can have more time freedom with their family, including having access to systems and strategies that will keep them from becoming overwhelmed while pursuing their dreams.

Before Getting Revenge On Someone Read This

By Rachale Kelley

Revenge is a common theme in the movies and something that many moms seek to get when they have been done wrong. There’s something satisfying about watching the wronged hero make everything right by destroying his enemy. You might even fantasize about doing the same in …

7 Advantages of Taking Breaks Often

By Rachale Kelley

The Western world views breaks as a tool to promote laziness. But your effectiveness and efficiency will improve if you take regular breaks. You can work more intently and for more hours each day if you’ll give yourself a break at least once per hour. You …