An Alternative to Dental Insurance

By Rachale Kelley

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This past week I had 2 emergency visits to the dentist.

One for me and the other for my daughter. Unfortunately having extra money has always been a problem for my family and I therefore we avoided going to the dentist and now it has caught up with us. My total cost for dental repair is going to be $12,000 and my daughters will be $2,000.

Is Vodka An Alternative to Dental Insurance

In the past I would have been worried sick about how am I going to pay for this bill. Especially my daughter who has been crying all day and finally Googled a remedy for the pain then called her dad at work and asked him to get her a bottle of vodka!

What to Do When Your Insurance Does Not Cover and You are Denied Credit

Typically I would have been worried about not having money to for pay it especially after they denied me credit at 2 different places. Because of my DS Domination business I am not worried and able to have my families teeth taken care of and keep my daughter from getting addicted to alcohol.   If you want to know how I am using a simple  ebay copy & paste system  to pay for our dental bills go here===>


About the Author

Rachale Kelley is a life and online business coach who believes every parent should have a way to escape their 9-5 so that they can have more time freedom with their family, including having access to systems and strategies that will keep them from becoming overwhelmed while pursuing their dreams.

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