About Me

Hi Iā€™m Rachale Kelley :) 
I am excited about you being here, welcome to my blog!
I love connecting with like minded women who want to purse their dreams in spite of the challenges they face in their family!

I am all about helping wives with special needs children pursue their dreams with confidence and clarity and earn an Income online.

When I was 16 year old, I had a dream to build a wellness center that helped families who were broken break off generational curses that had kept them bound and discover their purpose in life.

My dream was inspired behind spending 10 years of my childhood in foster care, 6 years of living in an alcoholic home and all of my life being biracial.

Because I gave birth to a special needs child I had given up on pursuing my dream, believing it was too much to take on by myself.

Shortly after giving birth to my son with Down Syndrome I went through 6 long years of depression.

Until one day I pleaded with God to deliver me from this horrible disease and He did.

After breaking free from depression I decided to pursue my dream of building a wellness center with a twist.

Because I was not able to build my business offline due to caring for my son, I decided to build my wellness center online. My family and I named it Empowered to Be Present LLC.

It's a Community where we empower other families who have been affected by developmental challenges.  Empowering families to leave a spiritual, financial and physically legacy!

I am looking forward to getting to know you! If you need some too talk to about your dreams or just because feel free to message me!


God Bless!

Rachale Kelley 
The Recovery Coach


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