7 Product Launching Ideas You Must Know…

By Rachale Kelley

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After listening to my mentor this morning and working on my mentoring project I decided to share with you product launching ideas that every entrepreneur should know before launching their idea.

Step One: What Do You Have Interest In?
Product launching ideas begin with an idea of something you are curious about. You may even find yourself daydreaming about it after talking to a friend, watching a movie or attending a conference.

It’s time to do some research to see if it’s a viable idea. You can go to Amazon to see if  books have been written on the subject. If you find books on that subject selling that shows there is some interest. Before leaving the site order several books on that subject to read up on your idea.

While waiting on your books go to YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia to do more research on the topic along with mentioning it to random people you meet throughout the day, to see if there is a need for it. Be sure to carry a pen and piece of paper with you at all times and jot down any ideas you may get along the way.

Now it’s time to get in a quite space and start writing about your product launching ideas. After reading your books and spending time in your creative space it’s time to take a couple of days to marinate on the ideas by sleeping on them.

Step 2- Plant The Seed
Now it’s time to plant the seed of your idea to see if it is a viable one. Here where you will write an email or create a survey,  then send it to your trustworthy friends so that they can give you their feedback.

You can give it to them for free.  After getting good feedback use their suggestions to make it even better. If the feedback is negative you may want to consider modifying the idea based on criticism and compliments.

Step 3- Beta Testing
Your product is ready for pre-launch, now it’s time to hire someone to help you with customer support. Start having direct communication with your market via phone. Test both long and short emails along with marketing strategies. Split testing will help you see what you should be doing more and less of. Your goal is to get some testimonies.

Step 4- Pay For Advertising
Be sure to set a low budget and analyze your numbers. If it is not converting it’s time to look back at both the marketing aspect and your creative space. You may need to create multiple versions of your sales funnel in order to improve your numbers.

After re-creating you will want to start over again with both paid advertising and charging what your program is worth. Your goal is to see virality.

Step 5- It’s time to expand.
By now you should see the money rolling in, now it’s  time to expand your staff, setting expectations, creating SOP’s, schedules, lines of communication, instill employee expectations, etc.
Step 6- Establish Financial Stability
It’s time to make sure you have everything in place that needs to be in place. Accountants, CFO’s, bank accounts, insurance, investments, investors, trademark.

Step 7- Remove yourself from the equation.

Your operation manuals should be in place in the event you don’t show up, it’s time to see what type of employees you have in place, they should be able to run the business without you being there every day , provide employee incentives, bring  other faces inti the business whether they be partners or consultants. It’s time for you to start traveling and getting more mentors and a board of advisors.  Make sure the business is scalable, in the event something happens to you. Do you have an exit strategy? This one is crucial! It’s time for you to return to the chair and come up with your next idea if you desire to become a world changer!

Today video will help you avoid making simple mistakes on your future product launching ideas.

I am very excited to share with you the things to look our for when considering product launching ideas. Let’s get to today’s product launching ideas video.

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So there you have details to have successful product launching ideas! I hope these tips were able to motivate you to step up to master product launching ideas.

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